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As a sufferer of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis you can feel like your body is fighting against you… because that is exactly what is happening. 

A lack of energy, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, and so much more can make every day functions a struggle. An incorrect diet or malnutrition can even make these symptoms worse, plus there is a lot of misinformation out there on how to fix this. 

Many times it can seem like the only solution is to take multiple drugs, with no real solution in sight.  But wait!  The solution is in Hashi No-No's, Suzy Cohen’s guide on what best to eat to improve your immune system.

A Comprehensive Model to Help Your Immune System and Increase Your Energy Naturally

Hashimoto’s Sufferers Healthy Guide:

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Find out how grain and gluten can affect someone with Hashimoto’s

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The Keys to Eating What is Right for You


In addition to writing her syndicated health column – “Dear Pharmacist” – which circulates to 20 million readers each week, Suzy Cohen is the author of numerous books on natural health.

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Learn which foods make joint pain, stomach aches, and fatigue worse

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Suzy Cohen, America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist®, has been a licensed pharmacist for 25 years and a Functional Medicine practitioner for the past 15. Suzy devotes her time to educating you about the many benefits of supplementing with vitamins, minerals, botanicals, enzymes, and amino acids.

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Someone Who Understands What Is Happening to Your Body

What Foods Trigger Autoimmune Flare ups?

There is a long list of painful and difficult symptoms that accompany Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which many doctors are quick to try to resolve with drugs. Sadly, there is no miracle drug to help these health complications and aggravations a patient can have, which in turn results in taking multiple drugs.

This disease rears up and attacks as an autoimmune attack. The best thing you can do for your body is to make sure you are fortifying it with the most valuable nutrients possible and removing anything that might make your body fight itself.  

And this is something that taking multipleprescription drugs will do little, if anything, to help.As Suzy says in this e-book,“Keep in mind that no medication will stop the autoimmune assault.”

Drugs are Less than Ideal (and Expensive!)

One of the main problems of Hashimoto’s is the extremely difficult struggle with weight gain and the inability to lose it because of elevated thyroid hormone. This situation can leave a sufferer feeling overwhelmed, desperate, lost, and self-conscious. These feelings can often lead to other mental and physical health concerns when not accurately handled.A proper diet can help you start to lose weight again, which in turn can give you back the confidence and happiness this devastating thyroid disorder often deprives you of.

Unfortunately, there is often a lot of misinformation out there on what to eat to best help you if you’re suffering from Hashimoto’s. Author and RPh Suzy Cohen is dedicated to providing the most beneficial ways of helping your body heal.“I would never recommend anything I didn’t think would work to your best interest” is Suzy’s abiding philosophy. 

Suzy knows that more focus needs to be put on helping Hashimoto’s sufferers whose constant battle is their own body fighting itself. The knowledge and assistance Suzy can give you will help your body have a healthy fighting chance, as well as shed light on some simple dietary changes you might not yet know about that can help you. 

For example:

* Why eating leftovers can be problematic
* Why dried fruit can cause a migraine
* How the popular drink kombucha really impacts your gut
* Why fermented foods are not safe to eat for everyone
* What foods will actually increase pain, no matter what your doctor says

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